Hello beautiful soul! Thank you for joining me here.

As my personal path of healing and awakening has unfolded, I’ve developed a special love and appreciation for energy healing. After completing a year of online Health Coach training and not feeling quite prepared to jump into coaching, I pursued additional education in coaching skills, and in doing so came across a course in energy healing. I was fascinated,  and I realized that energy healing was much closer to my heart than the specifics of health coaching. As I took a course on the Art of Energy Healing, I decided that starting my own energy healing practice was what I was going to do. I then went on to take a Reiki course that certified me as a Reiki Master, and am currently continuing my education to become certified in Crystal Reiki.

Things have just fallen into place beautifully, and I’m opening my Reiki practice in September, at a location on Bell St in Sequim!