About Lisa

I received my Reiki Master attunement and certification through Lisa Powers, founder of the International Reiki Organization.

I’m also a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and a certified Life Coach through Kain Ramsey Strategic Life Coaching.

I discovered Reiki after completing a year of Health Coach training online and not feeling quite prepared to jump into a coaching career. I was pursuing additional education in coaching skills, and came across a course in energy care for empaths. I was fascinated, and went on to take a course on the Art of Energy Healing, and realized a calling to start my own energy healing practice. After that I went on to take a Reiki course that certified me as a Reiki Master, and am currently continuing my education to become certified in Crystal Reiki.

I split my time between practicing Reiki, teaching Ballet classes at Aspire Academy, and being a single mom living in the PNW.

I love to take my son hiking and camping and beach combing. We live in a beautiful area near the Olympic National Park where we can access forests and beaches and parks and lakes and trails to our heart’s content without traveling more than an hour from home. I actually started practicing feeling subtle energy by placing my hands on trees in the woods, listening to the differences in how each tree “sounded” through touch. I also noticed how energized I felt after spending time feeling trees like this.

I also absolutely love crystals, and have since I was little. They are my guilty pleasure, minus the guilt. I do tend to use crystals in my Reiki sessions!

I’m fascinated with Evolutionary Astrology, MBTI personality types, and following the works of Young Pueblo, Rupi Kuar, Eckhart Tolle, Abraham Hicks, and more.

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