About Me

I am an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach! I am graduating from the Institute for Integritive Nutrition in January 2018, where I’ve studied and learned from many different teachers and leaders and experts pioneering the field of nutritional science and holistic health care.

I’ve been interested in holistic health particularly since hiring a midwife and having a homebirth with my son, and becoming a mother. I grew up on a very processed sugar-heavy diet, and it’s been a whole new world for me… easily overwhelming in the age of information, and especially when there’s so much contradicting information regarding health and nutrition. It’s taken more than information and head knowledge to take charge of and own responsibility for my own health and happiness: it’s taken trusting my intuitive understanding of health, and trusting my gut. And that’s what I want to call forth and encourage in everyone who is committed to their health and wellness!

There is an innate desire for wholeness and abundance in us as humans, and I believe we have that very wholeness and abundance in each of us ready to be trusted and called on, it’s a frequency you tune yourself into or out of. And it’s a skill to learn to tune yourself into your innate intuitive wisdom. It’s my passion to help you in your journey to connect with your inner resources of wholeness and abundance for your life!

Love and light to you and yours ♡

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