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Hi,  I’m a single mom from the PNW, rather crunchy, a ballet teacher, an intuitive empath, and certified Health Coach, Life Coach, and Reiki Master. And super into things like crystals, smudging, the moon, astrology, mbti, and holding sacred space for healing.

I’ve been interested in holistic health particularly since hiring a midwife and having a homebirth with my son, and becoming a mother. I’d been through several years of watching a loved one deal with an extreme physical health crisis, and then ran into my own life crisis and in recovering from the shock and trauma grew to realize just how disassociated I’ve been from my own emotional, mental, and even physical health my whole life. There’s still so much deeply conditioned beliefs and behavior patterns and coping mechanisms, and I was only able to begin addressing them by learning how to hold space for them and listen with love to my own pain. I wouldn’t have been able to walk this path of healing without learning self-love, and learning to tune into and trust my own inner guidance.

I’ve become passionate about finding that place of trust in my divine nature, knowing it’s in resonance with God and all of nature around us. We are all powerful healers by nature. We are all equipped as is all of nature to heal and be healthy and whole. It can be a painstaking process to bring your thoughts and beliefs and behavior patterns back into alignment with that divine nature within us, but that’s the human journey, is it not? In my reiki practice and other offerings, this is my ultimate goal, to encourage and call forth the divine nature inherent in every person that walks the earth!

Love and light to you and yours ♡

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