What is Reiki?

If you’re unfamiliar with Reiki it can sound very strange.

The word Reiki means “universal life force”, or “universal life energy” in Japanese. It’s a traditional Japanese energy healing modality that promotes relaxation in a person’s body, mind, and energy field, inviting the self-repair and self-balancing systems of our body, mind, and energy fields to activate and do their thing.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine they call this universal life energy Chi or Qi. In traditional Ayurvedic medicine they call it Prana. In these eastern medicine philosophies they acknowledge that there is an unseen flow of energy that runs through us, and when it is blocked… much like blocks of flow in your cardiovascular, nervous, lymphatic, or digestive systems… it interrupts our health, causing problems which we call disease.

Just like the physical body has natural systems in place to eliminate waste and toxins, to signal when it needs hydration and nutrients, to heat up or cool down as needed to function optimally, and to form a scab and new skin tissue when injured… our energy field or energy body has a natural system that self-regulates to maintain balance for optimal health and functionality.

A Reiki session involves the practitioner setting intentions for universal life energy to be channeled to the recipient where it is most needed and for their highest good, and holding their hands just above the recipient’s body in their energy field, usually working from the top of the head and gradually moving down to finish at the feet. The practitioner doesn’t “send” Reiki energy to the recipient, they simply act as a channel for the recipient to draw in and receive as much energy healing as is needed, and where it is needed.

Everyone’s experience is different, some who are sensitive to energy can feel slight tingles, or heat, or cold. Some don’t experience feeling the energy itself but experience the effect of shifts and changes in their emotions, mentality, or physical body afterwards. I’ve had experiences where it was soothing and relaxing like a gentle massage and I drifted off to sleep, and sessions where it was more intense like an emotional/energetic surgery, with memories and emotions surfacing to be remembered, felt, acknowledged, cleared, and healed.

If you happen fall asleep, that’s very normal and a good sign! It’s best when you are able to relax into a meditative state with a clear mind, in a space where you are open and trusting your energy body’s ability to receive healing.