Blue Kyanite

Crystals are my jam. I was enchanted with rocks and minerals and gemstones growing up as a kid. And in my healing journey, they became my gateway energy healing tools.

Blue Kyanite is one of the powerful amplifier crystals that balance all chakras, like Clear Quartz or Labradorite. It resonates with high frequencies of alignment, centering, & balancing, and will help with connecting to your intuition while staying grounded. It helps to restore balance, both physically and energetically. It’s calming and clarifying, cutting through fear and blockages, clearing your throat chakra in particular, encouraging you to find your center and speak your truth.

I’m using my two pieces tonight to help clear, calm, and restore the connection and balance between my heart and throat chakras which are in desperate need of some tlc.  They look like shards of blue ice, with those silver flashes that pictures just can’t do justice. But they somehow always remind me of either angel swords, or angel wings. Weapons of mass construction and healing <3