The root cause of Ryan’s autoimmune crisis

Preface: We got married in November. Since January, Ryan hasn’t been able to sleep in our home with me due to extreme sinus pressure, fatigue, headaches, and insomnia. For months we didn’t know what was wrong. In March we moved into a new home, hoping we were leaving behind the mold, dust mites, chemicals, or whatever allergens Ryan seemed to be reacting to. But he kept getting worse. At our breaking point, God sent us to two doctors, both times we got a next day appointment and financial help. The first, Naturopath Dr Jangaard, took a holistic approach and gave us an overview of what was weak in Ryan’s body and gave us supplements and homeopathics to build his system up to be able to fight better. There was slight improvement, but his reactions were spiraling and he was unable to sleep at his parent’s house or friend’s houses or hotels or anywhere. We even bought a tent to go camping but he reacted to the tent. Then a friend recommended a wellness clinic that deals with chemical sensitivities, so we went and saw immediate improvement. This clinic uses a treatment called NAET which uses applied kinesiology (muscle testing) and the body’s energy meridians to find and clear damaged communication within the body (read more here). And this is what we found…

It was antibiotics! Antibiotics Ryan took for his wisdom tooth infection last May were at the core of his autoimmune crisis and chemical sensitivities.

We’ve been studying how the bacteria in your gut are crucial to your whole body system, not just your digestive system. What antibiotics do is they wipe out the good and bad bacteria in your body, leaving you rid of the bad, but also stripped of the good, which takes your immune system down to the ground and leaves you defenseless. And no joke: the word anti-bio means anti-life. For Ryan, with his immune system (and all other body systems) shot by the antibiotic and bombarded by high stress and some chemical exposure, his body simply broke. And all the chemical sensitivities he developed we now know was due to an autoimmune reaction.

At the wellness clinic he’s been treated the past few weeks for developed sensitivities to carpet cleaner, formaldehyde, flame retardant, and scotch guard, and today is being treated for paint and insulation fumes, and the antibiotics still in his system. With each treatment he’s gotten better, felt better, had more energy, been more himself. And now we’ve gotten to the bottom of the story, at last! It’s as if his body is healing from the build up of reactions layer by layer, unfolding the story of how it got there. After this treatment is cleared he should be able to sleep at our home again for the first time since January!

June 7th Update: turns out there was still more to the story, he stayed at home that night pain free, but still got little sleep due to pressure in his sinuses. At his appointment Friday, we learned he was being irritated by silicone sensitivity, and his body also needs to deal with dysfunctioning killer T cells. After this treatment we’ll see if he’s finally able to sleep at home, or if there’s any other pieces left to the story!

To summarize the story as we understand it so far: antibiotics wipe out his immune system, and at the same time he was exposed to high amount of chemicals, probably the carpet cleaner and/or flame retardant. In such a weakened state, the chemicals invading his body weren’t properly defended against, and were allowed to actually penetrate the cells in his body instead of just infecting them, confusing the killer T cells, so that his immune system started attacking its self in effort to get rid of the chemical invader. Which is an autoimmune reaction. Over time, more and more chemicals/invaders became part of this autoimmune reaction, because the body is too busy fighting itself to properly deal with the invaders. And as the immune system becomes more and more confused and broken down, the more sensitive and susceptible it is. It’s a nasty bit.

It’s been a 6 month journey dealing with this, and it’s not something the mainstream medical field seems to recognize. We were told to take benadryl and see a sleep specialist, and the idea that his insomnia was due to chemical exposure was totally dismissed (since we had moved out of the original house a few months ago).

Through this we’ve learned so much about health and the interdependency of our body systems, read and heard countless stories of people struggling with Multiple Sclerosis or Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and having to find their own answers, and are understanding just how big a deal a holistic approach to health is.

And I’m absolutely amazed at how simple the N.A.E.T. treatment is, and how incredibly effective it’s been. How much the body is actually able to heal itself and correct problems. Between taking the supplements given by Dr Jangaard to build up the hardware of his body systems, and the N.A.E.T. treatments reprograming his body’s software so to speak, Ryan’s autoimmune reaction is almost completely reversed.