My favorite natural diy cleaner


Let me state upfront that I found this recipe at …and I’ve dubbed it the Soda Salt mix.

I came across her post on a whim of a search for diy dry laundry soap that didn’t use borax. What first struck me about this recipe in particular was how simple it is. What impressed me was her explanation of the cleaning role of each ingredient, and that she’s really done her research and knows her stuff. Turns out the magic ingredient that takes the place of oxyclean or bleach is plain old salt! Again the simplicity of this struck me and I had to try it. She also mentioned developing the recipe for the sake of washing cloth diapers, which struck yet another chord!

The recipe is:
1 1/2 cups Baking Soda
1 1/2 cups Washing Soda
1/2 cup Epsom Salt
2 Tbsp Sea Salt

As of right now Ryan and I don’t normally soil our laundry very heavily, so I can’t speak for how tough it is on clothes (we’ve also only washed a hand full of loads since making it a few weeks ago). But, I’m also using it for my dishes! And there I really can testify to it’s cleaning power!

We are meat eaters, we regularly cook beef and chicken. Which means regular beef and chicken grease in the sink and all over the dishes. We also use lots of coconut oil in our cooking. I had been trying out a homemade dish soap recipe using mainly Dr. Bronner’s liquid castile soap and borax, but it wasn’t quite cutting the grease and oils off our dishes. Dr. Bronner’s is also on the expensive side! By the time I used up my bronners/borax dish soap I was frustrated as heck with spreading grease all over the place, and out of curiosity I dissolved a few tablespoons of the soda/salt mix into a cup of hot water and used it to wash a few particularly greasy dishes, and was instantly pleased. Second batch I added a few drops of OnGuard essential oil for added benefit and a good squirt of glycerine for my hands. I couldn’t be happier! I’m now contemplating how much of my house I can clean with this stuff.

For the dish soap, I used my vitamix to blend:
1/2 cup of soda/salt mix
2 cups hot water
8 drops essential oil
2 Tbsp(ish) vegetable glycerine

For a household spray cleaner, I might just try:
1/4 cup of soda/salt mix
2 cups water
8 drops essential oil

And see how it works out!

One of the preconceptions I had about living more naturally and making my own synthetic-free cleaners, soaps, body products, etc. was that it would be complicated. And time consuming. Complicated, time consuming, and expensive. I thought I’d be having to buy weird, hard to come by, and pricy substances to make my own cleaners effective enough to replace using manufactured cleaners and products with their fancy advanced synthetic chemicals. So it thrills me to discover it’s often the exact opposite! Cleaning with vinegar for example, and this soda/salt cleaner. It’s simple, it’s just as effective without anything synthetic/unnatural, it’s easy, and it’s super cheap!

The thrifty lazy rebel in me is absolutely delighted. I love ‘getting away’ with doing things myself, and doing them cheaply and easily. And there’s a growing part of me that deeply respects the phenomenal and abundant natural resources around us that have been overshadowed and nearly forgotten in our industrialized culture. It’s like a forgotten art, or a dying language. But I’m finding there is great wisdom to be found and so much more available to us than the corporate industry would have us believe!