Tended by the Gardener


The more I grow up and go through different experiences in life, and the more I’m learning about our physical health and how God has designed our bodies to work, the more this picture becomes clear to me, and the more I long to share it!

I am like a plant; my life, body, heart, and soul. I am made to flourish from the beginning of a tiny seed, to a fruitful, purposeful existence, and it’s quite miraculous. My roots and leaves and whole being is designed to gather and process what I need without me really even trying, and I can be quite adaptable. I am however dependant on my environment, I need nourishment. I also give back to my environment in a symbiotic relationship.

But when the ground is dry, or there is no sun, I start to wither and fade. I am so frail and dependant. I cannot go pick up the watering can to drink, I cannot call on the sky to rain or the sun to shine, I cannot gather fresh soil. And I am here to tell you I have felt my fragile life in the hands of the Gardener. I have experienced being transplanted, uprooted out of my familiar ground, and though it was hardened and dead and gave me no nourishment, I clung to it with my tiny roots as if my life depended on it. And the gentle hands that tended me slowly worked the caked earth out of my slender grasp, so gently as to not destroy me. What felt like my life being stripped apart, was exactly what He knew I needed to let go of. Then He introduces my roots to this soft, rich, and tender soil like I have never known. My leaves respond with such life, I didn’t even know this abundance existed for me to experience. But the process is not over. He holds up my wilted frame, gives my tiny roots time to take hold. He supports my weakened body, while He tenderly plants me in this soil of abundant life.

As I’ve grown to live in this soil, I’ve understood what it means to have strength, and not just be held up by the hardness of the ground. This ground is soft. It does not hold me firm, but gives me strength to flourish. The source of life is not in the security of the world around me, but in the nutrients that flows through me, according to the flawless design of my Maker who tends me. I don’t have to brace myself to be strong, I don’t have to try to gather for myself what I need. It is given to me, I am tended, and it is there that I flourish. It is there I understand what it is I have to give, because I give it without trying. The life I live by flows out of me as abundantly as it flows into me. And I watch it flow out with a unique imprint of the purpose He made me for, and I find joy in participating in it.